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Thursday, September 30, 2010

hye blog...lame da tak jumpe..rinduuu sangat2...hari ni dan semalam masz pose..erm..da gnti 2 ary..tenang sket aty..td mas baru je balek dr jamuan hari raya jp..erm..not bad but its meal is very bad..maybe depends on our cost..but stomach was full already..erkk..upss...this month many things happens in my life ...i had many nightmare..i dun know why..its makes me scared..huuuu..final is around the corner but i'm not studied yet..as usual..huhu..well as u know my stupid ex had the new gf already..that stupid boy makes me disgusting..when i saw him it makes me angry and i want to slap his face..=*..his a liar...i really hate him..